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  • Step 1 : Apply

    - Using your fingertips (no gloves required!), start by applying a dime-sized amount of hair color on a thin, dry strand of hair.

    - Spread with brush or a comb.

    - Applying little bit of hair color at a time is recommended as it gets darker as it dries.

  • Step 2 : Dry

    - Once your color is applied, you canair dryorblow-dryyour hair before styling as you usually would.

  • Step 3 : Style

    - Style as per your Choice.

    - Try Seven Different Colors for each day of the week or

    - Mix and Match the Shades to form a new color altogether. The possibilities are simply endless!

  • Zero Damage Hair Color - Clinically Proven

    Butipure Hair Makeup is a damage-free hair color that's gentle on hair so it can be used on all hair types and texture.

    It's free from ammonia & has no peroxide so it's skin safe too!

    And it's scented to make hair smell amazing.

  • Even Stable on a Rainy Day

    Maintain the Style with its remarkable Waterproof Effect. The Stain Resistant technology ensure the product is transfer resistant once completely dry.

    We recommend to use a Blow dry to get the best effect.

  • Maintains Hair Vitality

    Clinically Proven to cause Zero irritation and Cause no damage to the hair even after multiple uses. It maintains the Ph of the hair unlike other chemical based colors and dyes.

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